Feathers & Horns


Located in southwest Boise, Idaho, Feathers & Horns produces fresh real dairy food, milk, and eggs. 

Real food:

  1. yogurt (plain, honey & maple)

  2. kefir (plain, honey, & apricot)

  3. fromage blanc (plain, apricot, herbed, garlic & onion)

  4. cream cheese

  5. sour cream

  6. milk

  7. cream 

  8. eggs

Available at:

Boise Co-op (North End & the Village)

   — we deliver Tuesday & Friday afternoons

Cliff’s Market (Caldwell)

   — we deliver Friday afternoons

Old Fashioned Fruit & Veg (Cloverdale & Broadway)

The Boise Farmer’s Market (Boise)

Capital City Public Market (evenings in Boise)


Rose, Clara and Clover are Jersey milk cows who enjoy pasture, alfalfa hay, sprouted barley fodder, and a little bit of non-GMO grain at milking time.  They are well loved and we think they’re about the prettiest cows in the world.  

Our flock of chickens is made up of Red Sex Links, Black Australorps, Rhode Island Reds, Araucanas, and Polish.  They spend their days out on the pasture with the cows when they’re not fighting over our kitchen scraps.

Fresh Milk & Eggs from our Urban Homestead